Saturday, 14 February 2009

Capitalist Austerity or Socialism?

Bailing out the financial institutions for the benefit of the financial institutions will be followed by extreme austerity measures. The tax payer has been ruined and next will come the pension funds and pensioners alongside the ruination of the working class through mass unemployment, public sector and welfare slashing and unbridled money printing leading to hyper-inflation and scarce basic goods.

If workers are not to pay for this crisis they must get militant and lead the rest of the country out of it.

Britain needs a workers’ and small business-friendly government that will:

* withdraw from the neo-liberal EU;
* nationalise the banks and write off all debts;
* nationalise the major capitalist monopolies to prevent job slashing, downsizing and the ruination of small business;
* repudiate the anti-union laws;
* initiate a programme of job creation in manufacturing and environmental projects in deprived areas;
* incorporate all unemployed workers into the newly expanded state sector by sharing the work bringing the benefits of the huge productivity gains of recent times to the working class and parents;
* establish a national pension fund;
* localise decision making in planning, tax collecting, health, education etc.
* bring the troops home;
* work immediately towards a Socialist United States of Europe;
* participate enthusiastically in a global carbon-cutting regime that is fair to the colonial and semi-colonial world.

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